Automate document generation

Turn your Google Sheets into invoices, contracts, reports and much, much more

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Create unique documents

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Sheetgo Add-on for automated document generation

Create Google Docs in seconds


Create a spreadsheet database

This will hold the data to populate your documents. It will also  centralize all your valuable information.


Build a Google Docs template

Use the column names from your spreadsheet database as smart tags to create your Google Docs template. Use as much design as you want.


Create an automated connection

Connect your spreadsheet with the Google Docs template. The connection will generate a new document based on every row of data.

Why use Sheetgo to generate automatic documents?

Find out all the benefits this platform has to offer

Start from a spreadsheet

Structure your process so that you have a database for many other purposes. Possible applications include finance, inventory, and human resources.

Remove human errors

Generate multiple documents in a single batch without a single error.

Enjoy extreme flexibility

Need to add new fields to your documents? No problem, just update the original spreadsheet and the template.

Generate automatic documents, avoid human errors and save time

Enjoy exclusive features

All the tools you need to get the job done

Add images

Save time without the need to compromise on design.

Gather data in a document

Stop diving into spreadsheets to copy-paste data into files.

Transform into PDF

Convert Google Docs files into PDFs automatically.

Share files via automatic emails

Get information delivered without moving a finger.

Get the Professional Plan

Generate up to 500 documents for just $22/month, and get access to great features:

Work with files of up to 20MB each.

Set documents to be generated up to once per hour.

Transfer data between Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files.

Connect files from different cloud storage services.

Send automatic emails.

Ready to start generating automatic documents?

Frequently asked questions

Is the document generation feature free?

Yes, Sheetgo’s document generation feature is free to use under any of our plans. You can start with the free plan and generate up to 99 documents per month or upgrade to get additional usage, more advanced features or to remove the watermark.

What kind of applications can I generate documents for?

With Sheetgo, you can generate invoices and work orders, share performance reviews and job offers, create NDAs, lease agreements and other contracts. And this is just a few cases! If you need to generate documents automatically, you can count on Sheetgo.

How do I map data from Google Sheets to my document template?

In the Sheetgo connection setup, you can include smart tags in your Google Docs template that correspond to columns in your Google Sheets. This ensures correct data is inserted into the appropriate places.

Can I edit the templates after setting up the connection?

Yes, you can edit your Google Docs templates at any time. However, you need to ensure that the placeholders remain consistent with the data in your Google Sheets to avoid any mapping issues.

How secure is the document generation feature?

Sheetgo is secure by design. Sheetgo doesn’t store any data and uses Google’s robust security standards to ensure your transfers are protected. All data transfers occur within the secure Google Workspace environment, and you can control access permissions to your documents.

Can I add multiple steps to my document generation connection?

Yes, you can add additional steps, such as converting the generated documents to PDF or sending them via email automatically.

Can I schedule document generation to run automatically?

Yes, Sheetgo allows you to schedule documents generation to run automatically at specific times.

How can I check the status of my document generation workflow?

You can monitor the status of your connection in the Sheetgo add-on. In the spreadsheet, you will see a column that will be autopopulated with the link to the Google Drive file if a document was generated already.