Managing your inventory has never been easier

Let Sheetgo transform your spreadsheets into a custom, automated solution and take your inventory operations to the next level.


Streamlined and reliable inventory management

Turn spreadsheets and other office suite tools you already use into an end-to-end business solution. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual tasks with an affordable, tailored resource that can be adapted to your growing customer demands.  

Save time and money

Automate your manual tasks for an easy-to-use, cost-efficient data management platform. 

Intelligent features

Keep your stock control always up to date without time-consuming data entry.

Smart automations

Set a custom automation schedule so you receive the latest indicators into your process.

Scalable solution

Easily scale up your workflow as your business grows for the perfect long-term solution.

An automated inventory system in spreadsheets

A workflow of connected files gives you up-to-date and accurate data from across the company.

Input data effortessly

Record accurately data inputting with dynamic forms to register, check in, or check out items. Submit a form and Sheetgo will transfer the data directly to your connected files.

Expand your inventory management system

As your business grows, you can expand your inventory system by adding other workflows such as sales or finance, to create an expansive data sharing system across the entire company.

Track items on any device

Use the Sheetgo barcode scanner to easily scan items and register their status. Access the scanner on any device, including mobiles and tablets, for ultimate accessibility.

Monitor updates real-time

Visualize your inventory data in a dashboard to monitor your key metrics, including stock levels and deliveries. Sheetgo transforms your raw data into actionable insights that are ready to share.


Sheetgo experts will guide you into a business transformation

Our automation experts will help to build the perfect workflow using your existing tools to drive efficiency and ultimately fulfill your control system objectives.

We guarantee an easy to adapt solution to cover any type of inventory management. Integrating all aspects of inventory tasks, including shipping, purchasing, receiving, warehouse storage, turnover, tracking, and reordering.

Dedicated support by automation experts

Custom-built project for a long-term solution

Optimizing your existing tools to save money

Unique service package for each client


See how Sheetgo has leveled up inventory for others

JX Truck Center is able to manage and track $26 million worth of stock in 27+ locations with a custom automation solution. Sheetgo splits stock data into separate spreadsheets for each location, from where each regional sales manager handle their operations.

Joseph Yearous
Purchasing manager, JX Truck Center

This is saving us a lot of time and money without having the cost to hire more people to manage this process.

Why Sheetgo

Sheetgo is an all-in-one, no-code, cloud-based platform. No need additional software or technical training. An user-friendly automation solution that can sync all your data to help you analyze to anticipate future needs.


Easily change and adapt your solution at anytime with relatively little effort, and this is thanks to versatility of the spreadsheets.

Resource saving

Reduced amount of billing accounts and additional tech investment based on Google Workspace and Sheetgo use only.

Data security

Build a resilient, scalable and agile digital information safeguarding with only one data source across company.

Devise ways to optimize inventory control procedures

More than a solution provider. Clients all over the world can count with our business consultant expertise to bring not only a solution transformation perspective to your business but also, an enhanced process perspective in order to achieve cost-effective deals and maintain trust relationships.