Get started with Sheetgo

Let’s guide you through the easy steps to access Sheetgo and streamline your work.

Where is Sheetgo available?

Use al the features in Sheetgo’s web-app and automate entire business workflows

Open Sheetgo from any Google Doc, visualize all your connections and create new ones

Access Sheetgo straight from your spreadsheet and create connections. Best IMPORTRANGE alternative.

Launch Sheetgo from your Gmail and send automatic emails by merging your mail withy our spreadsheets

How to access Sheetgo


Open Sheetgo

Click on go to Sheetgo to open web app


Create your account

Sign up using your Google™ account. Answer a few questions to personalize your Sheetgo experience.


Create a workflow

Start connecting by choosing to import data from another file or by exporting data from your current file.


Grant Google Drive™ access

To connect spreadsheets, Sheetgo will ask for permission to access your Google Drive™. Click on Grant permission and select the account you want to grant permissions to.

Select all checkboxes to grant Sheetgo access to your Google Drive™ and Google Sheets™.


These permissions are used exclusively for Sheetgo to operate. Sheetgo does not store, delete, or modify any of your files content. Your files will remain safe in your Google Drive™.

Learn how to get started

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