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See how other companies big and small have used Sheetgo to enhance their everyday performance with personalized workflow automation.

Does what it says on the box with an ever growing set of functions. The product has saved us writing endless Google Apps script routines, a very cost-effective solution.

Mark Burgin

Director, SYSCO Productions




Arrivage is the first Farm to Plate chef network in Montreal. With smart technology, they connect, support, and empower small farmers

Using Sheetgo, Arrivage now saves around 744 hours every year with an automated inventory management system that integrates with their existing tools. As a result, the team at Arrivage save almost 8 days of additional work per month, with end-to-end management solution at hand.

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Authen, located in Rio de Janeiro, is the first and largest Brazilian technical activewear brand for women.

They use Sheetgo to manage their inventory saving them 675 hours yearly.

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Bagels and Beans IJdock

Bagels and Beans IJdock is a flagship store of the Bagels and Beans franchise and is located in Amsterdam. Using Sheetgo, Bagels and Beans saved around 2 days per month with an inventory solution that automates checking in and out stock for their several restaurants.
As a result, they have an entire overview of their chain’s stock levels across the country.

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HMG Healthcare

Based in Texas, HMG Healthcare manages 30 specialist nursing and rehabilitation facilities across the US.

Using Sheetgo, HMG Healthcare now saves 1,120 hours every single year with a custom inventory solution to merge data on 40,000 items from 30 different locations. As a result, they now have an extra 20+ hours every week to spend on other, more important aspects of their business.

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JX Truck Center

JX Truck Center is a transportation supplier working across 27 different locations in the US.
They use Sheetgo to better manage inventory, provide real-time updates to field sales and save up to 12 hours a week on reporting.

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Redcliff Bakery & Eatery

Redcliff Bakery & Eatery is a family-run Canadian bakery with an online presence and 3 physical locations.
By using Sheetgo they are able to better calculate overnight production quantities for better stock levels the following day. Data is shared across 5 departments, 3 stores and an online delivery service.

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Tactile Knife

Tactile Knife is a highly regarded Texan knife manufacturer specializing in high-end products.

They use Sheetgo to manage inventory, purchasing and sales, which saves them 3 hours of work every single day whilst also eliminating overselling issues from their business.

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Pasadena ISD

Pasadena ISD prepares students for higher education and workplace environments.

They use Sheetgo to automate a remediation system linking students to teachers saving them 360 hours yearly.

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Trumbull Career & Technical Center

Trumbull Career & Technical Center works with 20 schools providing students career tech education.

They use Sheetgo to create an automated workflow to plan courses, schedules, etc. saving them at least 120 hours every year.

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Crowdence is a Spanish web platform that enables anyone to create and sell their own personalized T-shirts, without upfront investment.

Using Sheetgo, Crowdence saves around one working day every month with an automated financial reporting system that creates weekly and monthly cash flow reports to send to investors.

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RatedPower is a cloud-based software used to design and engineer utility-scale solar photovoltaic plants.

Using Sheetgo, RatedPower now saves around 277 hours every year using a custom invoice generator solution, to create and share invoices for their clients automatically. As a result, they now have 2-3 extra days per month to focus on monitoring their invoices.

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Spotahome is an online booking platform for non-vacation home rentals. The company specializes in mid-to-long term rentals.

They use Sheetgo to automate and track finance processes saving them 550 hours every year.

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Triporate is an AI-based platform where you can book business trips. The booking process can be 8-10 times more efficient than traditional methods, allowing travelers to save time and money.
With Sheetgo, Triporate saves over 200 hours annually using a custom-made invoice generator to create custom invoices that are ready to share with clients in a matter of minutes.

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Untitled Group

Sheetgo has helped Melbourne-based event company Untitled Group transform its operations, becoming their one-stop product by streamlining accounting and reconciliation and allowing various teams to collaborate with ease.

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YoungCapital, one of the biggest recruitment agencies of The Netherlands, is using Sheetgo to automate their forecasting process saving 2 employees 576 hours every year.

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Bizlink is a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic products that relies on a large amount of real-time date to drive their QA processes. By using Sheetgo, Bizlink is now able to streamline their hourly automation and save $8,000 per year.

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Eko-Okna is Europe’s largest producer of aluminum and uPVC windows, doors, and shutters.

They use Sheetgo to automate their order and production process and save 1079 hours each year.

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Make Me PPE

Make Me PPE Bay Area is a grassroots community of sewing enthusiasts in San Francisco producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help tackle the COVID-19 crisis.
Using Sheetgo, Make Me PPE now save around 780 hours every single year with a custom-made PPE manufacturing workflow to manage national PPE demands and analyze key insights. As a result, they now save over a week per month which they can now focus on producing more PPE.

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UrbanGlass is a leading artist-access glass center with a passion for connecting with creatives from all walks of life.

UrbanGlass uses Sheetgo to automatically convert bookkeeping spreadsheets to PDF and disseminate via email. They used to spend 2 hours every fortnight on manual data distribution. With Sheetgo this has been reduced to just 30 minutes.

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BeBetting is a thriving startup in the gambling industry who generates a large amount of user data on a daily basis.
They use Sheetgo to automate their spreadsheet population and manipulation tasks and are now able to streamline their processes and save $48,000 a year.

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CHEF514 brings back a sense of real food by connecting humans together for better taste, deals, and meaning.

Sheetgo is the back-end of their app collectinig data from farmers and chefs saving them 744 hours yearly.

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Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave collects plastic waste from the Mediterranean Sea and transforms it into sustainable products. In order to expand their operations, they needed to eliminate manual work and automate their inventory management.

With Sheetgo, they are able to gather and summarize data from 56 ports seamlessly and with just a few clicks.

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Impact Hub

Impact Hub is one of the world’s largest networks focused on building startup communities and accelerators.

Using Sheetgo, the Impact Hub team save up to 8 hours per event with a custom workflow that uses the Connect feature to manage and transfer data between their spreadsheets. As a result, Impact Hub have been able to automate their matchmaking service for entrepreneurial mentoring.

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Latitude59 is the flagship digital technology and entrepreneurship event hosted annually in Tallinn, Estonia.

Using Sheetgo, Latitude59 now save around 380 hours of work per year using a custom workflow that connects their user’s attendance data with roundtable information to create unique events schedules in one location.

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MERCY CORPS is an international non-profit working in over 40 countries.

Using Sheetgo, Mercy Corps now save around 240 hours every single year with an automated communications management solution that consolidates 40 different location spreadsheets with other data sources. As a result, they now have 2-3 extra days per month to focus on their non-profit key actions.

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Quantum Spatial Incorporated

Quantum Spatial Incorporated is a geospatial data firm.

They use Sheetgo to automate its forecast expenses and actual expenses from multiple offices saving them 1480 hours every year.

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SmartSpotter is a software platform for efficient retail auditing.

They are able to perform a single weekly Excel download into a Google Drive folder, automatically merge with Sheetgo and then feed and update custom client dashboards in Datastudio.

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Synergy Car Leasing

Synergy Car Leasing is a nationwide vehicle leasing company in the UK who need to manage a large quantity of data on a daily basis.

By implementing Sheetgo, they are able to get 3-4 different teams working in parallel on the same set of data while the manager overseeing the data can then automatically reconcile everything. They now track a dozen workflows, save 45 minutes a day, every day, and have a centralized location for all leasing data.

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Waterman Broadcasting

Waterman Broadcasting needs to supply a wide variety of networks with accurate information that changes every single day.
By using Sheetgo to help automate the consolidation and distribution process, they give over 40 unique users easy access to all the information they need while also saving $13,000 per year.

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WOW is the biggest Brazilian startup accelerator backed by Angel investors.

They use Sheetgo to consolidate reporting from 100+ startups saving 1300 hours per year.

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eXtra Stores

eXtra Stores is a well-established omni-channel retailer of electrical and electronic products.

They use Sheetgo to move data between departments and provide hourly sales updates. This saves them at least 100 hours every month.

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Sade Telecom logo

Sade Telecom

Sade Telecom is a nationwide supplier of fiber connections in France. They connect more than 300,000 clients from home to hub.

By using Sheetgo they are able to save half a day every week per city they cover, by streamlining their sales and installation data consolidation and distribution.

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Siguetuliga is a social sports platform in Spain with over 2 million users. It’s a well-known online meeting point for sports fans where they can find regional sports events.

Using Sheetgo, Siguetuliga now saves around 144 hours every year with a custom solution that creates an accurate marketing report every week using data from several sources linked via connections. As a result, the team have 1.5 days extra per month to focus on the most crucial aspects of the business: data analysis.

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