Lending inventory template

Use this Google Sheets based Lending Inventory template to track your current inventory as you check borrowed items in and out.

Click the button below to set up and start using. Inside the template installation page, you will have instructions on how to configure.

Lending inventory template overview

Inventory for borrowing items template dashboard

The Lending Inventory spreadsheet is the master one. The dashboard tab contains borrowed out items, actual available items, and # of items out by the borrower.

Inventory for borrowing items template

The Current Lending Inventory list combines the Check-in and Check-out sheets to present you an updated stock list.  

Inventory for borrowing items out template

The data here is automatically generated so you can use this as another dashboard. In sum, the items out matrix gives you an overview of all the items lend out per person/organization.

Inventory for borrowing items template

The Check-out is independent. Fill out the items that your company/organization has removed from your lending inventory. Bring the data to the master Inventory by the click of a button, or schedule to do it automatically.

Lending Inventory spreadsheets

This spreadsheet-based Lending Inventory system is composed of three spreadsheets connected to each other using Sheetgo. This is the network view of the workflow that you created with Sheetgo to manage your Lending Inventory.

Inventory for borrowing items template

Sheetgo will automatically organize the three spreadsheets in your Google Drive. Since these are spreadsheets you have total freedom to change and personalize your spreadsheets based Lending Inventory Management system.

Create workflows from your spreadsheet

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