Inventory management template

Use this Google Sheets based Inventory Management Template to track current inventory as you or your colleagues check items in and out. No need for complicated software!

Monitor stock levels in the automated inventory dashboard. Click the button to use the Sheetgo template with your Gmail account.


Automated inventory control with spreadsheets

Using separate, but connected, spreadsheets allows you to organize your process by function (check-in, check-out, and a master sheet with up-to-date data).

Collaborating on your inventory workflow is easy. The online system enables real-time collaboration with your warehouse, shop or office staff.

Key features

Monitor inventory at a glance

When items are checked in or out, you get the latest data from your shop or warehouse directly in your dashboard.

An accurate, automated system

Data flows between the connected spreadsheets automatically — no time-consuming emails, calls or messages.

Save time and money

Eliminate manual work and identify shortages or surpluses early to control spending and avoid stockpiling.

Looking for a custom inventory solution?

If you need a more complex inventory system for your team, talk to our automation experts about consultation and custom project design.

Amazing. It has been extremely useful for tracking stock here in our dental laboratory!”

ahcinta Barton | Clinico Denture & Healing.

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.