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Human Resource teams and managers deal with large volumes of (sensitive) information. Workflows need to be reliable to handle various day-to-day tasks, processes and also secure to protect sensitive data.

Sheetgo’s features and Sheetgo for Teams are helping many companies to create easy to use Human Resource solutions.

Discreetly Share Employee Data

Create a Google Form with all fields regarding the workforce (name, work permit, department, etc.). The form, only accessible to HR, is provided with data by employees and updated automatically.

Using Sheetgo you can then filter that data to share only some of it with other people in the organization, like the details of the Finance team with the CFO.

Create an Employee Evaluation System

A Google Forms for the different teams in your company, matching your performance evaluation system.

Each team will submit their responses and with Sheetgo the Human Resources department can consolidate all teams evaluations and analyze from there.

Create a Sports Incentive Program

Challenge and encourage your team to practice sports every week.  Google Forms Invitations will be sent every Monday to invite them to submit the form, along with the updated progress graph.

Use Sheetgo’s Connect to pull data from the Employee Database. Then, with G Forms and a Script, automatically send emails to employees. The results are automatically collected with Connect.

Create a Holiday Tracking System

Use Google Forms to create a central database of employee holiday requests. Using Sheetgo you could send a filtered response directly to the responsible manager for approval with a different Form.

Use Sheetgo to connect the request and response Google Forms together and create a master database of the approved days off.

Recruiting and Contract Data Control

Use a Google Form to include the candidates’ personal data and its official documents. Then, use another Form that will be submitted by the Director with the agreed economic conditions.

Using Sheetgo’s Consolidate, Human Resource can consolidate that data into one sheet, and share it with the legal team to prepare the contract.

Automatic Salary Calculation

Have the salaries of different countries calculated in different spreadsheets using Sheetgo’s features consolidate, append and automatic updates.

Use a separate database connected with Sheetgo to automate the calculation (for recurring data and on/off connections like bonuses). At the HQ all salaries can be consolidated with Sheetgo.

Set up your team´s OKRs

Learn how to set up team OKRs by using our OKRs template! Install the OKRs template, replace the dummy data and share it with your colleagues. 

The OKRs template has connections between the spreadsheets. So, you can update the OKR template with the click of o button, or set automated updates! 

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