Automate your entire HR department workflow

Human Resource teams and managers deal with large volumes of (sensitive) information. Workflows need to be reliable to handle various day-to-day tasks, processes and also secure to protect sensitive data. Sheetgo’s features and Sheetgo for Teams are helping many companies to create easy to use Human Resource solutions.

Manage your HR department with spreadsheets

Everyone has free access to spreadsheets, and they are incredibly easy to use. Think about automated HR systems and reports, easy collaboration, and no need for inflexible and expensive software.

Why Sheetgo workflows?

  • Save time with automated updates
  • Combine data from multiple spreadsheet formats
  • Consolidate data from multiple sheets into one master sheet
  • Filter and transfer only the data that you need

We track the working hours of our subordinates and centralize all the data inside a single sheet to generate pivot tables.”

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All human resources templates 

Company OKRs
Track individuals’ OKRs and measure progress per team.

Employee timesheet management
Collect and analyze how many hours employees have worked.

Customize my template
Talk to our automation experts about custom project design.

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.