Automate your entire finance workflow

Need to share data in spreadsheets amongst your entire finance department so that you can collaborate on financial management, analysis, and reporting? Explore Sheetgo for Teams to enable collaboration within the department, and learn about other solutions for your finance tasks.

Manage your finance department with spreadsheets

Everyone has free access to spreadsheets, and they are incredibly easy to use. Think about automated finance calculations, easy collaboration, and no need for inflexible and expensive software.

Why Sheetgo workflows?

  • Save time with automated updates
  • Combine data from multiple spreadsheet formats
  • Consolidate data from multiple sheets into one master sheet
  • Filter and transfer only the data that you need

Sheetgo has really enabled our budgeting and forecasting to take off and be a seamless/integrated process.”

Jimmy Webb | Senior Finance Analyst, Quantum Spatial

All finance templates

Expense tracker
Collect expenses submissions and analyze spending.

Cash Flow
Track payments, receipts and your cash balance.

Budget vs actual
Track income and expenses to compare budget vs actual spending.

Business unit performance analysis
Monitor income and expenses for multiple units or projects.

Income statement
Track income and expenses to generate an automated statement.

Customize my template
Talk to our automation experts about custom project design.

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.