Pre-inventory and sales management system

Produce goods to order with an automated workflow. Create an automated chain of communication from your sales reps in the field through to inventory management and manufacture.

Key benefits

Gather data from sales reps

Your team of reps keep track of sales in their own spreadsheets. The data flows into your master sheet automatically.

Generate a pre-order inventory

A list of supplies required for order fulfillment is generated automatically, keeping you one step ahead.

Update inventory automatically

When orders are paid, your inventory is updated automatically, keeping orders and stock levels in sync at all times.

How to build this workflow

Step 1

Create a Google Sheets template for your sales reps that contains the same column structure. For instance, column A: data, column B: new customer name, column C: customer email, column D: phone number etc.


Step 2

Create a new Google Drive folder and make sure that this template spreadsheet is stored there. 


Step 3

Change the name of each Google Sheet to the name of each sales rep and share each spreadsheet with the correct team member.

Step 4

Use Sheetgo’s consolidate from a folder feature to merge all the sales spreadsheets into one master sheet. Now you have a master spreadsheet where you can see the sales for each sales rep.

Step 5

Create another connection and use the filter feature to filter and transfer the data from your sales reps to a new spreadsheet. This new spreadsheet will be your pre-order inventory where you can find which supplies you need for production once the orders have been paid.


Step 6

Create another connection to transfer and filter data from your pre-order inventory to your actual inventory spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is your inventory master sheet that automatically updates stock levels when you buy, uses or sell products.

Step 7

With this series of connections, you have created a Sheetgo workflow. Enable automatic updates for this workflow, scheduling them on an hourly basis.


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