Leads tracking system for educational support courses

This leads tracking system enables educational organizations offering student support courses to manage leads from referral partners. Pull new leads into a manager’s master sheet, and give each referral partner an overview of sales and student performance in their own dashboard, for data protection and privacy.

Key benefits

Combine data automatically

Gather leads from multiple referral partners, without emails, calls or copy-pasting data manually.

Personal dashboards for partners

Each referral partner can track students and sales performance in their own up-to-date dashboard.

Control data access

Get an overview in the master sheet and use filters to funnel information into private spreadsheets for partners.

How to build this workflow

Step 1

Create a Google Form to collect sign-ups/leads from each referral partner. Some example input questions might be: lead representative name, student name, parent’s name, student grade level, email, current school, what kind of coaching they are looking for, desired subject area, etc.

A Google Sheet containing output from the Google Forms is generated automatically and this will function as the leads database for your leads tracking system.

Step 2

Merge all the referral leads spreadsheets into one single master sheet using Sheetgo connections.

Fewer than 5 referrals spreadsheets? Create individual connections.
Open Sheetgo to create a new connection. As your source, select the referral spreadsheets. For your destination spreadsheet, choose to create a new spreadsheet. This will be your master sheet.

More than 5 referrals?  Consolidate from a folder.
Create a new Google Drive folder and make sure that all the referrals spreadsheets (and only these) are stored in that folder.

Open Sheetgo to create a new connection. As your source, select the Google Drive folder. For your destination spreadsheet, choose to create a new spreadsheet. This will be your master sheet.

In the third section, “Settings”, enable “Identify source” and click on “Save connection”. This will identify the source (origin) of the data that appears in the master spreadsheet.

Step 3

Now that you have a master spreadsheet you can create a dashboard using Google Sheets’ native features.

This dashboard will give you an overview of the performance of your referral partners and their students.

If you need a helping hand with creating a dashboard you can either scroll down to schedule one of our experts or read how to create dashboards in Google Sheets to learn more.

Step 4

Create another connection to filter and transfer data from your master sheet to a new Google Sheet. Create one new connection and new Google Sheet per referral partner. For data security reasons, you want to keep the data separated so that each referral partner has their own spreadsheet and performance dashboard, displaying the status of their students.

Step 5

On Sheetgo you can view your connections grouped in a workflow. This enables you to visualize your connections and see how data is connected. Inside your workflow, you can enable automatic updates. Select updates at least daily to ensure you have fresh data flowing in your leads tracking system automatically every day.


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