Automate your Reports in Spreadsheets

Do you have multiple spreadsheets with information that you need to report to investors, management, or stakeholders which makes your reporting process slow, unreliable and cumbersome?

With Sheetgo you can automatically transfer data between spreadsheets to create reports for efficient and thorough reports saving you time and money.

Financial Reporting

Consolidate your cash flows, budgets, and accounting statements into a single spreadsheet to facilitate analysis. Resulting in sharing a single source of data with stakeholders.

By connecting finance spreadsheets that you already manage, and automating the transfers between them you can save yourself time and the nuisance from redoing reports every closing of the month/quarter/year.

Create a Dashboard

Organize your financial data in a single spreadsheet to create a financial dashboard to share with colleagues and management.

Use Sheetgo’s consolidate and automatic data transfer features to bring data from multiple spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet and create a dashboard using the spreadsheet’s native charts features or connect to a 3rd party dashboard solution.

Reporting to Investors

Filter out critical (financial) data from your source spreadsheets and share with investor reports by using Sheetgo’s connect and filter or query features.

Streamline your reporting processes and avoid the risks of copy/pasting data and thus sharing out-of-date data with your investors.

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