Project task distribute system to manage your team

Send assignments to your team and/or freelancers with this project task distribute system. Centralize all your project data in one central master sheet. Organize project tasks, and send work out to individual employees and freelancers, who receive the information automatically in their own spreadsheet.

Key benefits

Organize projects in one place

Manage all your projects in one master sheet with an automated dashboard. Import data from other spreadsheets or databases automatically.

Send work to freelancers

Allocate project assignments to a team of freelancers. Automatic data transfer delivers tasks straight into the freelancers’ spreadsheet — no emails or calls.

Track progress

Get the latest status updates from your team, automatically. Monitor the progress of each task and keep projects on track in the master sheet.

How to build the project task distribute workflow

Step 1

Create a Google Sheet containing all the information about your projects and tasks. This will be your master sheet where you have an overview of all projects, tasks, status, and available freelancers.


If you have projects and tasks in a database or different spreadsheets, use Sheetgo’s consolidate feature to merge all these projects and tasks from different spreadsheets and CSV files into one.

Step 2

Use Sheetgo’s connect and filter features to export and filter projects and tasks from your master sheet to new Google Sheets. One connection and a new Google Sheets per team member/freelancer. You can then assign the newly created Google Sheets to each individual team member/freelancer.

Step 3

The master sheet feeds the freelancer spreadsheets with projects and tasks, via Sheetgo connections.

Now create connections in the opposite direction, from the freelance spreadsheets back to the master sheet. Use formulas to make the the imported data from the individual freelance spreadsheets update the status of each project and task.

Step 4

Turn on Sheetgo’s automatic updates and schedule them daily to make sure that changes made to your master sheet are applied to your freelancers’ spreadsheets automatically.


Step 5

Inside your master sheet, use charts and graphs to create your own custom project and task dashboard, and GANTT charts.

If you’re looking for a helping hand with this, check out our blog post on how to create a dashboard in Google Sheets.

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