Automated production dashboard 

Send data to an automated production dashboard in your factories or production facilities. When new orders are received, data is collected in one central spreadsheet. That data is then transferred and filtered to automate work schedules depending on employee availability. A list of products needed to fulfill the new orders is automatically sent to your procurement team.

Key benefits

Automatic order processing

New orders are processed and data sent directly to your production teams and manufacturing sites. No manual work or communication.

Live production dashboard

Production teams can check their work schedules on real-time dashboards, directly in the factory, production hall or kitchen. No paperwork in sight.

Integrate purchase ordering

Generate automated purchase requests for your procurement department. Synchronize supply and demand with one streamlined system.

How to build your production dashboard

Step 1

Download new orders from your order system’s database into spreadsheets or CSV files.

Step 2

Are your new orders in different files? Use Sheetgo’s consolidate feature to merge orders from multiple spreadsheets and CSV files into one master sheet.

Step 3

Use Sheetgo’s connect feature to automatically transfer order data into a work schedule in a new Google Sheet. This sheet is your “work schedule”.

The work schedule spreadsheet will act as your data preparation spreadsheet to create production dashboards for your manufacturing team. If you need ideas or guidance, read how to create dashboards in Google Sheets to learn more.

Step 4

Use Sheetgo’s connect feature to automatically transfer and filter a list of production materials to a new Google Sheet. This sheet will be used by your procurement department— they can use this Google Sheet as a dashboard to see which supplies need to be purchased to fulfil the new orders.

If you want to set up an automated notification system that sends an email to the person responsible for procurement once a new order has been placed, contact our team. 

Step 5

Once all your connections are set up in Sheetgo, enable automatic updates and choose an hourly frequency. This automates the entire workflow after step 1.

Stream the work schedule dashboards on your production team’s monitors directly in the factory to keep them updated.

Need help? Talk to our experts

Need assistance designing your workflow and production dashboard? Looking for a more complex solution to automate your manufacturing processes, or don’t have the time and resources to build it yourself?

Speak to our business automation experts about custom workflow design and implementation.

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