Automated inventory barcode scanner management system

Build your own automated inventory management system with a barcode scanner using spreadsheets, Sheetgo, and a barcode scanner app for your mobile.

Key benefits

Better stock control

Make sure that every item that enters or leaves your warehouses and depots is logged correctly.

Tools you already know

Build a complete, automated inventory system tailored to your business. No new software, just spreadsheets.

Improved forecasting

By connecting data flows across all your storage sites you can control costs based on up-to-date information.

How to build this workflow

Step 1

Create a Google Sheet with the name “check-in inventory” to check items in. The structure of this spreadsheet should be like a database. For instance, column A – SKU, column B – item name, column C – quantity, etc.

Step 2

Copy the spreadsheet you just created and rename it to “check-out inventory”.

Keep the check-in and check-out data in separate spreadsheets to ensure that only those responsible for each task can edit the data.

Step 3

Connect your inventory system with a barcode scanner such as Scan to Sheets app.

This app lets you use your phone to quickly scan product barcodes and upload them instantly to your check-in and check-out spreadsheets.

Step 4

Create a Sheetgo connection to transfer data from the check-in and check-out spreadsheets to a new spreadsheet. Sheetgo will automatically the spreadsheet once you save the connection. Name it “Inventory management”.

In your inventory management spreadsheet, you can create a tab to merge data from the check-in and check-out to create a “current inventory list”.

As a best practice, use smart formulas such as =UNIQUE and =ARRAYFORMULA to automate your data processing.

Step 5

Turn on automatic updates and schedule them on an hourly frequency to ensure your inventory spreadsheets are up to date every hour.

Step 6

Inside your inventory master spreadsheet use charts and graphs to create your own custom inventory tracking dashboard.

If you’re looking for a helping hand with this, check out our blog post on how to create a dashboard in Google Sheets.

Need help? Talk to our experts

Do you need assistance designing your workflow? Looking for a more complex inventory management system or don’t have the time and resources to build it yourself? Speak to our business automation experts about custom workflow design and implementation.

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