Inventory Management Template

Use this Google Sheets based template to manage the day-to-day Inventories of your organization.

Click “Use Template” below to start using and scroll down this page for instructions on how to configure.

How it works

This template combines an inventory check-in and inventory check out spreadsheet to create a master inventory spreadsheet with a summary of your current stock.

Better manage your Inventory to get your items or goods under control with this easy to use spreadsheet-based template.



Open the Template

Use the button below to install the Inventory Management Template.

You will be asked to log in with your Google account to make sure that your Google Sheets are available. At the same time, your Sheetgo account will be created.

After logging in, click on “INSTALL“.



Creating the Template

After clicking the install button, Sheetgo will create the system by connecting the 3 spreadsheets called “Check-in“, “Check-out” and “Inventory Management“. Read their descriptions to understand their functions in this template.



Open all Spreadsheets

Click on the two spreadsheet icons on top to open the spreadsheets that are necessary to create this template and read their instructions. Finish this step by clicking on the button “open spreadsheet“.



Updating the Template

Click on the red arrows on the right of Check-in and Check-out. Doing this will bring data from the Check-in and Check-out spreadsheets to your Inventory Management.

You can also automate their updates by clicking on connections > edit connection > settings > automatic updates.

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