OKRs Template in Google Sheets

Use this Google Sheets based template to manage all of your employees´ OKRs per department.

Click the button below to set up and start using. Inside the template, you will have instructions on how to configure.

OKRs Template overview

Insert the timeframe to have the desired information presented. You can bring the data from all departments to this master spreadsheet by the click of a button or you can schedule to do it automatically.

This spreadsheet-based OKRs system is composed of 6 spreadsheets connected to a single master sheet using Sheetgo. This is the network view of the workflow that you created with Sheetgo to manage your departments´ OKRs.

The Key Results tab shows you all the Key Results connected to its owners. Use this tab to check the progress per person, per Key Result, and more.

In this department spreadsheet, there is a Key Results tab. Use this to insert the colleagues´ Key Results, starting with choosing the Objectives from the dropdown. This department spreadsheet is connected to the company master sheet.

Sheetgo will automatically organize the department spreadsheets in your Google Drive. And since these are spreadsheets you have total freedom to change and personalize your spreadsheet-based OKRs system.

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