Automated OKRs and bonus system

Track OKRs (objectives and key results) for all your employees and automate employee performance bonus payments. Get an overview of all employees’ progress in an automated dashboard. 

Key benefits

Track OKRs

Get automatic progress updates around the clock. See how your team are performing and if they’re on track to reach their targets.

Motivate teams

Each department can record and monitor progress, checking if they’re on track to reach their OKRs.

Automate payments

Employees who reach their OKRs get their bonus automatically, so your accounts team can focus on more important tasks.

How to build this employee performance bonus workflow

Step 1

Create a template spreadsheet that contains the same column structure. For instance, employee name (use a data validation dropdown to guarantee reliability), verification date, the metric that you want to track with one column for the input and another with the goal, % of completion, and additional information you think is needed for your evaluation.

Step 2

Copy the template spreadsheet, making one copy for each department. Inside each department spreadsheet, change the data validation to display a list of employees in that department.

Step 3

Store all the department spreadsheets in one single Google Drive folder (but don’t include the blank template spreadsheet that you made in Step 1).

Step 4

Use Sheetgo to create a consolidate connection. Sheetgo will merge all the data from the different files in that folder into a single master spreadsheet.

As a source you can choose the Google Drive folder you made in the previous step. As your destination choose “+ create spreadsheet”. You can name that new spreadsheet “result sheet” as this is where you will create your dashboard.

Step 5

Use the master sheet to visualize the results. Create a dashboard using charts to display the key information that you want to see, such as Employee of the month.

Step 6

Use Sheetgo to create another connection from your master sheet to your finance department’s payments spreadsheet to transfer and filter the data of employees who have reached their goals.

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