Leads Tracking Management Template

Use this Google Sheets based template to enable your sales reps to report lead status, track sales leads, and measure the performance of your sales team.

Click the button below to set up and start using. Inside the template installation page you will have instructions on how to configure.

Leads Tracking Management Template overview

This spreadsheet based Leads Tracking Management system is composed of three spreadsheets connected to each other using Sheetgo. This is the network view of the workflow that you created with Sheetgo to manage your Sales Representatives.

The Leads Tracking Management spreadsheet is the master one, where the leads of your sales reps are merged into the table. The table is automated and will always show the updated data.

Use the dashboard to actively track the sales leads of all your representatives. Update your dashboard with the click of a button or you can schedule to do it automatically.

Use the Leads Tracking spreadsheet per individual representative to record and track their sales leads to report to your master sheet. The Rep can bring the data from here to your master spreadsheet by the click of a button or they can schedule to do it automatically.

Sheetgo will automatically organize the three spreadsheets in your Google Drive. And as these are spreadsheets, you have total freedom to change and personalize your spreadsheets based Leads Tracking Management system.

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