Coronavirus impact tracking template

Measure how Covid-19 is affecting your business

We are living in unprecedented times as the world grapples with the global coronavirus pandemic and the temporary shutdown of everyday business and social life.

At Sheetgo, we use spreadsheets to connect and filter data in automated data flows. When the crisis first hit, we naturally turned to spreadsheets to quickly create a system to measure the impact that coronavirus outbreaks were having on our business.

Our team is geographically dispersed, across Europe and Latin America, and we have users in over 70 countries. Our data analysts have created a spreadsheet template in Google Sheets that automatically measures how regional outbreaks impact company variables such as website traffic, revenue or sales.

We are sharing the Google Sheets template here so that anyone can track how Covid19 is affecting their business or organization. It’s free to use and you can customize it to suit your needs.


How does the Coronavirus impact template work?

This Coronavirus impact tracking template pulls live data from the Global Cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 database, which is provided by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University.

The institute’s live dashboard tracks confirmed cases of the virus by region and country.

How do I use the spreadsheet template?

1) Click here to make a copy of the template. It will open automatically in Google Sheets once you click to copy.

2) Live Covid19 data appears in the Country Data tab automatically. Don’t touch this tab.

3) Enter your company variables in the Input Company Data tab. We provided sample data as an example — just delete that.

4) The template automatically analyzes the data in the Dashboard tab. Select different options in the dropdown menus to analyze different regions and variables.

How to automate your company data input

If you don’t want to input your company data manually, you can automate this step using Sheetgo connections.

By connecting spreadsheets you can automatically update a sheet with input from other spreadsheets or CSV files.