Automate finance reporting from global offices

This system enables managers or controllers to automate finance reporting from multiple locations. Data from numerous global offices or sites is automatically consolidated into one master sheet. From this master sheet, the finance manager can create a dashboard for the HQ to monitor and analyze the company’s performance, region by region.

Key benefits

Save time by streamlining

Regional offices can focus on operational tasks rather than reporting data. The controller gets accurate information — no need to copy-paste or verify figures.

Get global data in one place

Pull live data from all your regional offices or sites into one central mastersheet. Combine information from everyone without calls, emails or shared files.

Give HQ the data they need

Use Sheetgo’s advanced filter settings to control data access. Create a custom workflow channeling information into specific spreadsheets.

How to build this workflow

Step 1

Firstly, make sure that you have all your financial data inside spreadsheets. If your data is in a database you can download/export it to a spreadsheet or CSV file.

Create a single master sheet for each office or regional department. All of your master spreadsheets must have the same column structure, just like a database.

Step 2

Use a Sheetgo consolidate connection to merge multiple spreadsheets into one single master sheet. In settings, select “Identify Source”. This enables you to see where data in the master spreadsheet originated from.

The “controller” spreadsheet is where you can review and approve all invoices to be paid, as well as reviewing accounts receivable aging reports.

Step 3

After you have checked the controller spreadsheet, you can create another connection to filter and transfer data to the HQ dashboard. You can call this spreadsheet “HQ dashboard”.

Use smart formulas (like Array or Query) to create automated finance reporting dashboards. If you need ideas, read how to create dashboards in Google Sheets to learn more.

Step 4

This step is optional. Create connections from the controller spreadsheet back to all the country spreadsheets.

This means that when data is checked and approved by the controller, the finance reporting manager responsible for each country is updated automatically, in their own spreadsheet.

Step 5

All your Sheetgo connections are grouped in a workflow. Inside your workflow, you can enable automatic updates. Choose to update at least daily to have the data flowing automatically every day.


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