Amplify your sales & marketing processes with AI data enrichment

Connect, enrich and automate your data to streamline sales and marketing processes.


Streamline Data Gathering

Create Sheetgo connections or input data with Sheetgo forms that consolidate your raw lead data from various sources into organized spreadsheets.


Enhance Lead Quality with Humble

Leverage Humble AI to enrich your lead data. Humble’s AI capabilities will refine and augment your lead details.


Efficient Sales Team Allocation

Assigning leads becomes more precise with enriched data, ensuring each sales rep focuses on leads that match their expertise and have the highest potential for conversion.

Save time and drive higher conversion rates with automatic data enrichment


Deeper understanding of leads


Better targeting & segmentation


Streamlined sales process

Sheetgo <> Humble

A partnership to bridge the gap between AI and automation.

Sheetgo Academy

Discover other ways in which you can use Sheetgo forms.