Sheetgo vs. Golayer

Get more from spreadsheet automation. Turn raw data into personalized documents and emails with Sheetgo.


Customize your data every step of the way

Sheetgo goes further than just a spreadsheet automation tool. Integrating with Google and Microsoft tools, turn raw data into actionable insights ready to share in minutes.

Automatically generate personalized documents directly from your data. Share as PDFs via Gmail. The best part? Experience all of this for a fraction of the cost.

“Amazing. It has been extremely useful for tracking stock here in our dental laboratory.”

Jahcinta Barton | Clinico Denture & Healing

“Sheetgo saved me from having to abandon my project or hire a coder.”

Nadine Shaalan | Prickett Realty

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Automatically create multiple documents containing dynamic data from your source spreadsheet. Turn your docs into PDFs and send via Gmail.