Google Sheets mail merge

Automatically send personalized emails based on Google Sheets files

Multiple recipients a click away

Track email performance

Automate tasks

Sheetgo Add-on for Google Sheets mail merge

Send personalised emails to multiple recipients in seconds


Create a spreadsheet database

Add the emails to reach out to and columns with data that will populate your email body.


Create a mail merge

Connect the spreadsheet to your Gmail and create the body of your email. Include smart tags to add specific data for each recipient.

Why use Sheetgo for a Google Sheets mail merge?

Find out all the benefits this tool has to offer

Start from a spreadsheet

Basing your mail merge on a spreadsheet database means you can easily automate emails for other purposes like invoices, notifications, and approvals.

Single ecosystem

Keep your mail merge within the Google Workspace ecosystem, no need to switch between multiple platforms.

Scalability without human error

Send multiple automatic emails with zero human errors.

Send personalized emails to multiple recipients without human errors

Enjoy exclusive features

All the features you need to get the job done

Choose what to share

Generate emails with specific data or share entire files.

Dynamic vs fixed recipients

Send emails based on a spreadsheet column or to a list of fixed addresses.

Add images, buttons and links

Create interactive email designs to complement your smart tags.

Track emails

Enable tracking for email opens and clicks. Always know how your initiatives are performing.

Get the Professional Plan

For just $22/month, send up to 500 emails and get access to great features:

Work with files of up to 20MB each.

Schedule email batches to be sent up to once per hour.

Transfer data between Google Sheets, Excel and CSV files.

Connect files from different cloud storage services.

Generate Google Docs and PDFs automatically.

Ready to start sending automatic emails?

Frequently asked questions

Is the mail merge feature free?

Yes, Sheetgo’s mail merge feature is free to use under any of our plans. You can upgrade to other tiers to get additional usage and remove the watermark.

How many emails can I send using Sheetgo?

Since Sheetgo sends emails using your Gmail account this is where limitations come from. Google allows free accounts to send up to 500 daily emails, this number increases to 2000 for workspace users.

What kind of use cases can I use Sheetgo Mail Merge for?

You can use Sheetgo Mail Merge for various purposes. Most common use cases include: ticketing systems, purchase approvals and confirmations, reminders for events and appointments,  invoice payments, birthday greetings and more.

How do I map data from Google Sheets to my email template?

IYou can map the placeholders in your email template to the corresponding columns in your Google Sheets. This ensures the correct data is inserted into the appropriate placeholders in each email.

Can I edit the email templates after setting up the connection?

Yes, you can edit your email templates at any time. However, you need to ensure that placeholders remain consistent with the data in your Google Sheets to avoid any mapping errors.

How secure is the mail merge feature?

Security is our top priority. Sheetgo’s mail merge uses industry-standard security measures to ensure your data is protected, including SSL encryption for data in transit and secure, compliant data centers for data storage. We regularly update our systems and protocols to maintain high security and privacy standards

Can I schedule mail merge connections to run automatically?

Yes, Sheetgo allows you to schedule connections to run automatically at specific times, ensuring your emails are sent out on schedule without manual intervention.

How can I check the status of my mail merge connection?

You can monitor the status of your connection in the add-on. Sheetgo also adds a column with a timestamp for those rows that already sent the emails.