Google Sheets and BigQuery connector

Import, export, generate docs, automate processes

Import data from BigQuery

Send data to BigQuery

Automate processes

How to connect to BigQuery


Create a connection and choose BigQuery as a source

Start a new workflow by creating a new connection and choose BigQuery.


Select your data and enter your command

Choose the project, dataset and table where you want to query data from.

Use the query editor to write your command with standard SQL language and validate your query.


Choose your destination

You can receive your data in a single Google Sheet, multiple files, generate Docs or PDFs, or send data back to BigQuery.


Automate your process

Configure your connection once and get up to date data continuously.

See BigQuery integration in action

A simple guide to get you off the ground

Connect BigQuery to Google Sheets automatically

Why Sheetgo to integrate BigQuery and Google Sheets?

Find out all the benefits this tool has to offer

BigQuery as a source and a destination

Export data from BigQuery to a spreadsheet, and import data from a spreadsheet to BigQuery. Extract, transform and load.

Go beyond Google Sheets

Add to your workflow: Excel, CSV, PDF, Google doc, Gmail and dashboards.

Completly safe

Keep your company data safe with Sheetgo.We have a commitment to data security and protection as design, with certifications like GDPR compliance. Learn more about our security.

Automate your processes

Implement Sheetgo workflows to automate entire business processes. Feed crucial data into your processes with forms.

Connect Google Sheets and BigQuery Automatically

Dive deeper into advanced features

All the tools you need to get the job done

BigQuery as a source

Ensure data quality and make it easy for everybody.

BigQuery as a destination

Fields change dynamically as users input information.

Generate Google Docs

Make sure users are submitting valid data.

Generate PDFs

Use your computer or cellphone to scan bar codes easily.

Try it out for yourself