Privacy and Security Policy

Respect for your privacy is very important to us

Sheetgo will never share, rent, or sell your personal data to others. Period.

About your data and confidentiality

  • We do not store any copies of the content of your spreadsheets. The only data we will keep about your spreadsheets are spreadsheet ID, tab ID and tab name of those tabs that you have connected. The only personal data we will keep are: your email address and possibly your name, job description, department, and the company that you work for in order to provide tailored communication and improve the application to based on our users profile.
  • Access to user’s account and all data associated with that account by Sheetgo employees is limited to an as-needed basis (e.g., to resolve customer issues, support). When such access is required, only personnel with a direct need will access the data, and such access will be limited as much as possible. Breach of this policy by a Sheetgo employee is a serious matter which can lead to contract termination as well as legal action.
  • Although our browser extension requires certain permissions to run scripts, and may request access to other websites, we do not monitor any web browsing activities. Our extension does not access or modify user’s data on any other websites, beyond those needed by the Sheetgo application.
  • Our application collects telemetry data about the features being used. We use this data to generate reports, to assist us in debugging, provide customer service, and to update system status and capacity planning.
  • We use two leading cloud based payment gateways: Paypal and Stripe for online sales and credit card payments. We do not see, store and never have access to a users’ credit card information.
  • Sheetgo does not rent, sell, trade or disclose users Personal Information to third parties.
  • When requested, we will destroy a user’s account, removing all data associated with that account.

About the permissions

For product installation basic account permissions are required for the product to operate. Below are the specific requirements and why they are necessary:

  • Know who you are on Google and View your email address: We obtain only your credentials (email address linked to Google account) to authenticate you on the product.
  • View and manage your spreadsheets in Google Drive and View and manage the files in your Google Drive: Necessary for Sheetgo to search for and connect to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive. We do not store the any file content nor monitor the Drive activity.
  • View and manage data associated with the application and Connect to an external service: Required to register the settings you determined for the product, the links that you have created in each spreadsheet, and product usage statistics in order to study usage and inform future product improvements.
  • Allow this application to run when you are not present: Necessary for the product to synchronize (update) your links automatically.

About the security of your data

  • All interactions between your Google account and our application occurs over a secure HTTPS connection.
  • The content of your spreadsheets transported by our application from one spreadsheet to another are not copied to our databases.
  • The data is transported within the Google Drive platform without any external contact.
  • All information stored in your spreadsheets are under Google’s privacy policy which can be viewed through this URL:
  • We host our systems on the Google Platform, and let you enjoy the same level of Security and Confidentiality as all Google services.
  • We monitor our systems permanently. Our team is notified as soon as problems are detected and the issues are immediately investigated.
  • Every user with active licence has access to our support platform to log support tickets.
  • We provide 24×5 support to every licensed user.

If you have any questions about these policies, please feel free to contact us directly.

This Policy was last revised on, and effective as of, April/2016.