Automated World Cup Bracket and Scores

Connect this Google Sheets based template to our results gallery to automatically import World Cup results and track your selections. Click the green “USE TEMPLATE” button to begin using and read along to configure.

How does it work?

You will make your selections for each round of the tournament and use Sheetgo to automatically import results from our data Gallery to follow the action.


Install Sheetgo

Click this link ( to install Sheetgo for Google Drive (if you already have Sheetgo still follow the link to access the template). In doing so you will automatically create a World Cup Selections spreadsheet connected to our results gallery. After generated the template, Click “OPEN SPREADSHEET” to access your template.


Fill out your bracket

On the tab “Input Selection” select the two winners from each group then select the individual game winners through the finals.


Keep your result updated

Once the games start keep your bracket updated by refreshing the connection to the gallery database by opening Sheetgo, click on your template spreadsheet in the list, and click on the arrow next to the “Scores” connection name. The tab “Results Bracket” will update automatically with results.


Share with your friends

Share the spreadsheet with the organizer of your pool, or create your own World Cup Challenge, or share your sheet with to play along with the Sheetgo team.

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