Bring no-code automation to your G Suite clients

Help your clients get more from Google Sheets and enable them to optimize the automation and collaboration potential that the cloud has to offer.

Scalable automation

As a powerful layer on top of spreadsheets, Sheetgo enables users to merge, manipulate and move data between files without coding.

Your clients can create scalable automation projects, without Importrange, macros, Apps Script or reliance on IT resources.

Keep Excel fans happy

Compatible with Excel, Google Sheets and CSV files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive, Sheetgo allows for smooth G Suite transition and seamless data flows.

Help clients reduce friction with finance departments or other stakeholders who are wedded to Excel and allow G Suite-based teams to incorporate data from legacy software into automated workflows.

Developers are not scalable. Sheetgo is.”

Bart Zuidgeest | Managing Partner – Nextnovate

Upsell and add value

Generate an additional revenue stream from existing clients by bringing added value to their business and attract new customers.

As a Sheetgo referral or reseller partner, you benefit from a competitive rate of commission on every install and license sold.

Hook clients on G Suite

Reduce churn and drive increased recurring revenue by making your G Suite customers stickier.

For every active user who creates a Sheetgo connection, an average of 15 end users benefit from the workflow, encouraging wider G Suite adoption throughout the enterprise.

A partnership that delivers

Flexible program

Join us a Referral, Reseller or Founding Partner.

Commission on installs

Earn a fixed rate commission on every individual or domain install.

Commission on licenses

Earn 20-40% commission on every license sold.

Driving innovation together

As a Sheetgo partner, you get access to training, webinars, a partner toolkit and all the support you need to develop new business opportunities. 

Likewise, your ideas, expertise and experience contribute to Sheetgo’s evolution and growth. Your feedback has a direct influence on our product roadmap, helping us to deliver the innovative business solutions that your clients need.

Partner toolkit

Information and training

Roadmap contribution

Priority tech support

Ready to join the no-code revolution?