Merge Excel files in Google Sheets

Jimmy spends a lot of time manually consolidating data from multiple spreadsheets. Now, with Sheetgo, he can automatically consolidate data for his budgeting and forecasting reports.

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Consolidate data from all teams

By using Sheetgo’s Consolidate feature Jimmy stopped wasting time merging all of the data manually from his teams worldwide. Now he merges his data quickly and automatically giving him more time for analysis and decision making.

Consolidate helps you merge data from multiple spreadsheets to create a single centralized database for analysis and reporting. Create a master sheet within a few clicks.

More features


Create automated workflows by enabling Sheetgo’s automatic updates.


Connect only the data that you need with filter by condition or query language.

Excel integration

Combine data from Excel files to multiple tabular formats.

CSV integration

Combine data from CSV files to multiple tabular formats.

Filter by color

Connect only the data that you need based on the colors of the rows.

Google Sheets integration

Combine data from Google Sheets files to multiple tabular formats.

What our users have to say

Jimmy Webb,
Quantum Spatial

“Sheetgo has really enabled our budgeting and forecasting to take off and be a seamless/integrated process.”

And many more…

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