Learn to create efficient Purchase Order systems on spreadsheets


Stop manual errors and inefficiencies by joining this masterclass series, tailored for professionals in inventory management, finance and procurement. 

Session 1: How to build your PO database

Design your spreadsheet for purchasing, inventory and finance

How to use formulas to streamline the process

Thursday, May 23rd, 10:30 EST | 4:30 CET

Session 2: How to communicate with vendors

Craft a clear communication method with suppliers through structured data

Build a process tailored for your own team’s needs

Thursday, May 30th, 10:30 EST | 4:30 CET

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Why attend?

Because you will learn to:

  • Reduce Errors: Learn to design systems that minimize manual mistakes.
  • Save Time: Automate repetitive tasks with powerful formulas.
  • Improve Efficiency: Enhance your data collection and analysis to make informed decisions faster.
  • Expert Communication: Craft clear, effective communication methods with vendors to prevent costly misunderstandings.

Your instructors

Utsav Banerjee

Utsav is the current Leader of Tech Services at Sheetgo. He excels in building and delivering solutions across diverse business verticals such as Supply Chain, Finance, CRM, Marketing, HR, Project Management, and Education. Previously, Utsav served as the Chief Technology Officer at Bonobo, where he led the development of ERP solutions and business automation built on top of Google Sheets.

His expertise spans a wide range of technologies including Google Sheets, Google App Script, Appsheet, Sheetgo, Python, and APIs.

Ansu Halan

Ansu is currently Product Manager at Sheetgo. His career is marked by his leadership in revolutionizing business process systems through innovative Google Sheets applications, which significantly improved operational efficiencies and data accuracy.

Ansu’s expertise encompasses a broad range of skills including software implementation, Google Workplace, business process automation, and strategic product management. Ansu is known for his strong problem-solving skills and his ability to seamlessly integrate technology solutions with business needs.