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We’re on a mission to empower professionals to make better decisions based on updated and traceable spreadsheet data, very easily.

Who we are

We develop a SaaS tool to deal with spreadsheet data management in a very innovative way and build company solutions around spreadsheets and data flows. Our vision is to create the leading online platform for spreadsheet data solutions, to help the community of 1 billion spreadsheet data users around the globe.

Sheetgo currently has almost 100.000 users in more than 100 countries, all managed by a small team of incredible people. We come from 9 different countries, speak more than 13 different languages, and everyone is valued in its own uniqueness. This adds up for having a wonderful corporate culture which we cherish every day.

We speak English most of the time but also mix and mingle with other languages. We also offer training programs to help the team grow to its fullest potential. If you are trying to find our office, simply follow the trace of cacahuetes.

Where we are

Sheetgo is a tech startup based in beautiful seaside offices in Valencia, the Google Campus in Madrid, beach town Balneario Camboriu, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. With offices on two continents, we want to ensure exposure to our world-class company and international flare.


Sao Paulo

Baln. Camboriu


Our Values


There is no try, do or don’t

Be prepared, anticipate risks, and go for the big dream. If you fail, learn and share.

Metrics guide us

Experiment, generate metrics, validate. Good results stay, bad ones disappear.


Collaboration begins with trust, authenticity and good will.

Be curious, ask questions

Questioning provides the possibility to think different & improve.

Be passionate

Be passionate about your ideas but don’t get attached, just let them guide you.

Be empathetic

Respect others in what they need but do not forget your own needs to succeed.

Each problem has a opportunity

Mistakes happen, specially innovating. So use them as an opportunity to go further.

Integrity & Professionalism

Cultivate a friendly environment, but understand the boundaries of a professional respectful relationship.

Current Openings

Growth Marketing

Role and responsibilities
We are looking for a Spain or Brazil based growth marketer to help our marketing team to improve the number and quality of our new users. This role includes the creation of more acquisition channels, optimizing existing channels, and planning and implementation of strategies to capture more users. The ideal candidate is proactive and results-oriented and will bring new ideas and a positive attitude.

Experience and requirements

  • Implementing best practices to use social media to build communities
  • Advanced knowledge of Adwords
  • Advanced knowledge about social media advertising
  • Creation and revision of content focused on visitor conversion
  • Planning and implementation of Inbound Marketing, Marketing Funnel, and Marketing Automation processes
  • English speaker
  • Basic image editing (Photoshop or equivalent)
  • Experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Advanced spreadsheets skills for reporting and analysis

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Python Developer
We are looking for a well-rounded developer with a solid understanding of web application development and noSQL database systems. The ideal candidate would have a solid background in building highly scalable systems.

Experience and requirements

  • Fluent English Speaker
  • 2+ years of strong Object Oriented Development experience
  • Python programming and Python libraries and frameworks (Flask, Django)
  • Technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery,
  • IaaS (Google Cloud Platform and its components, such as BigQuery, Storage Classes, AppEngine, DataStore)
  • Knowledge about Design Patterns, Git, Json, RESTful Web Services, noSQL (MongoDb, Parse), Testing and debugging

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Account Executive
We are looking for a US based account executive to lead enterprise sales in our largest market. This role includes activities developing and executing on the go-to-market strategy. The ideal candidate will be independent and entrepreneurial, and have experience and a proven track record in SaaS sales with existing contacts in decision making roles at medium and large organizations.

Experience and requirements

  • US based with a preference of SF Bay region or a major metro region in the Northeast
  • Building awareness for Sheetgo within large enterprises
  • Aggressively prospect, identify, qualify and develop sales pipeline
  • Closing business to exceed monthly, quarterly and annual bookings objectives
  • Building strong relationships with current and potential partners
  • At least 5+ years of outside sales experience
  • Experience selling within the SaaS, Gsuite, or BI space
  • An ability to articulate and sell Sheetgo’s value and impact on businesses of all sizes
  • Significant experience in a Sales and/or Business Development role within a start up or high growth organization

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Role and responsibilities
We are looking for energetic, responsible interns to join our growing organization. In return, we offer you an experience in different teams depending on your career field and interests. In this position, you will be expected to learn the ins-and-outs of our daily routines and procedures. You will focus on learning how our organization runs and your team’s duties, receiving specific assignments/projects. You will have the opportunity to work at one of our cool offices and meet everyone on the team, from interns to directors to meeting the CEO.

At Sheetgo we encourage continuous learning and improvement. Once onboard at Sheetgo, we’d be happy to extend or change your role and responsibilities in line with your interests and the company’ needs to further develop your career, and potentially even joining the team.

Below we briefly introduce our different teams so you can choose one that fits you most. Take this into account, later in the application form below. We only accept interns that are eligible for at least 3 months, preferably full-time. Depending on which team you choose, the position will be based in one of the indicated places:

  • Marketing: manages our online presence and user acquisition strategies and deployment. Also responsible for communications.
  • Technology: responsible for product roadmap and technology development. Our main product is built on Python and uses other technologies like React.
  • User Success: making sure our users are happier than they were before using Sheetgo and being able to convert users into sales. This also includes giving support to our users and clients to make sure they understand Sheetgo. An important aspect is making sure that they are saving both time and money by optimizing their Sheetgo use and thus created workflows and systems.
  • Admin&Finance: they take care of what is needed to run the company, like cashflow management, invoices, HR, legislation, accounting, and tax.

Requirements and skills
Sheetgo operates in a constant and rapidly changing environment with an international team and everything is managed on the cloud. Therefore, the perfect candidate should meet the following:

  • High school degree or equivalent; must be enrolled in an accredited university/college program to receive credit
  • Proficient computer skills, including Google G Suite (Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Gmail)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • Self-directed and able to work without detailed supervision
  • Active and eager to tackle new projects and ideas
  • Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese or any other language (preferred)
  • Proactive, fast learner and critical thinker, with the ability to quickly comprehend new ideas and attention to details;
  • Team working skills, capable of coordinating with colleagues and work collaboratively on cloud-based

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