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Installation pre-requirements

Google Account

To use Google Sheets and Sheetgo a Google account is required. If you don’t have one, please create one by clicking here. After creating your account, return to this page.


Basic account permissions are required for the product to operate. But don’t worry, respect for your data and privacy is very important to us. Read our privacy police and find out why we ask for these permissions.

What some of our users have to say about Sheetgo

I've become extremely reliant upon this capability and continue to find new applications...
Rick Thompson, for Import Sheet
Rick Thompson Director of Marketing at Sealed Air
It would be impossible for me to do what I'm doing without the Sheetgo tool, the team, and your help.
Mathew Lahatt, for Import Sheet
Mathew Lahatt Independent IT Consultant
We are now much more efficient and profitable because of Sheetgo tool and team.
Christopher Spikes CEO & Founder at Authen