Stats of FIFA World Cup Matches

Get all statistics of FIFA World Cup matches. Brazil, England, Spain and more

How it works?

Sheetgo is a technology that connects spreadsheet data. It has a public gallery of spreadsheets including FIFA World Cup All-time stats. Just connect your own spreadsheet to the gallery with Sheetgo. To begin using follow the steps below:


Sign up for Sheetgo

Click on button below to sign up for Sheetgo with your Google or Microsoft account to be able to connect the public spreadsheet(s) to your spreadsheet(s) in your Google Drive or OneDrive. Don’t have your spreadsheets in Google Drive or OneDrive?


Create a new connection

Start creating your first connection by clicking on the “plus” button in the bottom right corner.


Select the source spreadsheet

After clicking on “ADD SOURCE” open the public gallery by selecting the tab PUBLIC and then select the spreadsheet you want.


Select the source tab

Now, under “Source tab” search for the tab in the source sheet that has the desired data (e.g., “Brazil”).


Configure and save

You can change your connection options (e.g. frequency of update to update the spreadsheet automatically, or filter to only select a subset of data) if desired then click “SAVE CONNECTION”.

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