Automated March Madness Bracket and Scores

Connect this Google Sheets based template to our results gallery to automatically import March Madness results and track your selections. Click the green “USE TEMPLATE” button to make a copy of the template (click “Make a copy”) when prompted and read on to see how to configure.

How it works?

You will make your selections for each round of the tournament and use Sheetgo to automatically import results from our data Gallery to follow the action.


Configure your template

On your Sheetgo Tournament Challenge Player template (“Use Template” button above, or copy/paste this link: fill out the tab “Input Selections” with your selections by clicking on the pull down menu and selecting the team you think will win each game. Make sure to input your prediction for the score of the final game, and if you’re playing along with colleagues make sure to input your name.


Sign up for Sheetgo and select March Madness Gallery

Open the Sheetgo web app to import results from our data gallery. Click on the green “plus” icon, then “ADD SOURCE”, select the “PUBLIC” tab and find the “March Madness 2018” database spreadsheet which will be updated with results brought to you by


Select the destination spreadsheet

Now click “Data destination” then “CHANGE DESTINATION” to find the Sheetgo Tournament Challenge Player Template spreadsheet that you created above.


Configure your settings

Select “Settings”, and then click over the “Daily at Midnight” and change it to “Hourly -> Every Hour” so that you will import results every hour (don’t worry we’ve granted you a usage bonus to play along). Now click the green check mark icon to complete the connection and automatically import game results.



You’ve configured your template. Now just wait for the games to start and the tab “Results Bracket” will be automatically populated with the results. If you’re playing along with colleagues make sure to share the sheet with the organizer of your bracket challenge. If you’d like to play along with other Sheetgo users, share the sheet with


Play with your friends

If you’d like to organize your own bracket challenge and invite your friends or colleagues click here to use our March Madness organizer template.

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