Automated March Madness Tournament Bracket Challenge

Use this Google Sheets based template to organize your companies office pool by automatically importing March Madness results and colleagues selections. Click “Use Template” below and then “Make a copy” to begin using and scroll down this page for instructions on how to configure.

How it works?

Using Sheetgo you will consolidate the selections of your colleagues and the results of the games (brought to you by into your template which automatically updates the standings and calculates the winner. Follow the steps below to configure your Bracket Challenge.



Configure your template

On your March Madness Organizer spreadsheet template (green “Use Template” button above to open, it if you haven’t already, or copy paste this link: fill out the tab “Settings” to assign points to be awarded for the winner of each round (it’s defaulted to double each round).



Send the bracket to your colleagues

Send your colleagues an email with this URL ( to make their selections. When completed they should share the Google Sheets file with their selections with you. Save all of these files in a single folder.



Sign up for Sheetgo and consolidate your colleagues responses

Once you have selections from at least one other player (could be your own), open the Sheetgo web app and click on the green “plus” icon to create a new connection. Click on “ADD SOURCE” then find the folder you created in step 3 with your colleagues selections, open the folder, and click “SELECT THIS FOLDER”. Finally, under the Source Tab select “Export Selection”.



Choose your destination spreadsheet

Click on “Data destination” then “CHANGE DESTINATION” to find the Sheetgo Tournament Challenge Organizer Template that you created above. Now click the green check mark to finalize the connection. This will automatically send the data from the other players selections to your Organizer Template spreadsheet.


Connect to the results spreadsheet database

Click again on the “plus” icon to create a new connection. Select “ADD SOURCE” then click on the “PUBLIC” tab. Next navigate to the “March Madness 2018” gallery spreadsheet.


Select the destination spreadsheet

Now click “Data destination” then “CHANGE DESTINATION” to find the Sheetgo Tournament Challenge Organizer Template that you created above.


Configure your settings

Select “Settings”, and then click over the “Daily at Midnight” and change it to “Hourly -> Every Hour” so that you will import results every hour (don’t worry we’ve granted you a usage bonus to play along). Now click the green check mark icon to complete the connection and automatically import game results.



Your bracket challenge is live. Tell your colleagues they can provide their picks up until 6PM Eastern on Tuesday night. Your dashboard tab will be updated every hour as game results come in to let you know who is leading your tournament challenge. Feel free to share your spreadsheet (view only) with your colleagues so they can follow along… or try to export the leaderboard from your sheet to their using Sheetgo.

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