Connect only the data that you need

When connecting and transferring data between spreadsheets and CSV files you likely don’t need to transfer all of the data. Use Sheetgo to transfer only the data that you need. Sometimes less is more!

Need guidance building your customized workflow?

Our experts can help you design a fully automated system to connect your team’s spreadsheets.

Simple conditions or advanced query language

Use the visual filter conditions, requiring no advanced SQL skills or use the advanced query language to personalize your filters into details such as select columns, sum or count values, group values, offset the data and even make pivot tables.

What our users have to say

“We filter and process data from over 100 connected spreadsheets to provide automated forecasting for our business leaders around the world.”

Jimmy Webb | Quantum Spatial

More features


Bring the data you need from multiple sheets into one clean master sheet.


Save dynamic data over time by appending.

Excel integration

Combine data from Excel files to multiple tabular formats.

CSV integration

Combine data from CSV files to multiple tabular formats.

Filter by color

Connect only the data that you need based on the colors of the rows.


Create automated workflows by enabling Sheetgo’s automatic updates.

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.