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BizLink Group

Bizlink is a leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic products that relies on a large amount of real-time date to drive their QA processes.

By using Sheetgo to move data between production stages, Bizlink is now able to streamline their hourly automation and save $8,000 per year in the process. This allows them to drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of their QA processes.

Passing real-time generated data between multiple Google Sheets

  • Manual entry is not practical due to the large amount of data produced: 90,000 updates per month
  • Data needs to be passed accurately and efficiently at scale to minimize downtime
  • Expansion to future production lines requires a flexible and scalable reporting solution capable of handling hourly automation

Bizlink had a system in place where they would pass data between multiple Google Sheets, with each sheeting defining a discrete milestone in the production process. They had identified the need for efficient automation to ensure their dashboards and reporting functions updated in real time.

Formulas were checked and audited to ensure data was being moved correctly, but their legacy solution was unable to keep pace with their speed of expansion and desire for something with greater future-proofed flexibility.

We are a factory and we have huge data to handle every month. As such a stable and reliable platform is the most important need.”

Desmond Lee, QA Manager, BizLink

BizLink wanted a readily scalable, flexible and uncompromisingly accurate solution that would allow them to easily move real-time data between an ever-growing library of Google Sheets. They didn’t just want something that would reduce downtime with better data display and faster reporting — they needed a solution they could adapt to drive the QA of future production lines.

BizLink reached out to Sheetgo for input to create a scalable solution that could be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices without loss of functionality or usability.

Smart data migration using Sheetgo

  • Hourly automation moves data between Google Sheets
  • Sheetgo interfaces with preparatory formulas to transfer data
  • Custom dashboards and reports automatically updated

By using Sheetgo, BizLink is now able to seamlessly move data between every Google Sheet in their QA pipeline on an hourly basis. They are able to interface with data formulas, different data types and populate their custom dashboards and reports without delay.

Everything is powered by hourly updates that ensure every data point is captured and utilized.

I use Sheetgo combined with Appsheet to create a mobile manufacturing platform to run products. Engineers use mobile phones to check, review and sign off and submit to this database.”

Desmond Lee, QA Manager, BizLink

Sheetgo allows BizLink to actively improve product quality by ensuring real-time data is used to inform smarter reporting and faster dashboard updates.

This ensures real-time data is never bottlenecked and downtime is minimized now that every engineer can access the key information they need from their choice of mobile or desktop devices.

Securing a $8,000 save for smarter growth

  • $8,000 saving per year
  • Reduced downtime for enhanced efficiency
  • 100% up-to-date custom dashboard data

By securing an $8,000 annual saving, BizLink’s use of Sheetgo improves the budgetary efficiency of their production lines, as well as enhancing the output.

Real-time data is more effectively handled and passed between Sheets, delivering reduced downtime while securing 100% up-to-date dashboards that can be viewed on any device.

Thankfully, Sheetgo provides us with a three-year contraction period that allows us to plan long-term.”

Desmond Lee, QA Manager, BizLink

Thanks to Sheetgo, BizLink no longer has to try and produce their own in-house solutions to the problem of passing a continuous stream of data between a variety of unique Google Sheets.

They have improved production efficiency while increasing the utility of reporting, and the three-year contraction period offered is allowing them to plan longer term for the first time.

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BizLink is a manufacturer of electrical goods like household appliances, medical equipment, and cables. They drive the QA of a number of their production lines purely with Google Sheets and produce a large amount of real-time data.


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