BeBetting: Automated spreadsheet manipulation and population delivered by Sheetgo

BeBetting team

BeBetting is an innovative gambling startup who generate a large amount of user data and hold it in spreadsheet form.

They use Sheetgo to automate a large amount of their spreadsheet population and manipulation tasks and are now able to streamline their processes and save $48,000 a year.

Automating spreadsheet processes with 50,000 rows or more

  • Manual entry is no longer practical
  • Hiring 3 extra team members uneconomical
  • Nearly 100 people need real-time data

BeBetting launched with a series of manual solutions which quickly became too time-consuming due to their rapid growth. Their spreadsheets grew to more than 50,000 rows and required hourly manual entry to stay up to date.

Engineers and data entry clerks would need to be continually hired as the business grew, but the budget was lean and couldn’t support such exponential spending. Nearly 100 people rely on access to real-time data, meaning delays were not an option if they wanted to continue to grow.

“Doesn’t make sense to get engineers if you can do things with Sheetgo.”

Hector Candil Garcia, CEO, BeBetting

BeBetting needed a solution that was agile, scalable and didn’t rely on continually expanding the size of their in-house team. They wanted to keep their budget lean, their resource allocation agile and their data solutions future-proofed. BeBetting also needed to eliminate the costly errors that are inherent in a large scale manual entry solution.

Automated data handling using Sheetgo

  • Hourly automation populates 50,000-row spreadsheets
  • Sheetgo processes multiple data types
  • Custom dashboards are automatically updated

BeBetting uses Sheetgo to connect all of the partners in their business with real-time data that was always 100% accurate. By eliminating manual entry entirely they remove the risk of human error while giving a team of nearly 100 employees instant access to real-time data.

4 team members use Sheetgo on a daily basis and work closely with a 7-person operating team to provide an initial overview of the data. The final dataset is then passed to 50 partners and 40 traders. Sheetgo is the tool used to move the data from spreadsheets to dashboards so the key information can be visualized.

“Thanks to Sheetgo we could grow and avoid hiring 2-3 people.”

Hector Candil Garcia, CEO, BeBetting

Faster dashboard updates allow BeBetting’s traders and analysts to make smart decisions and moves in the market. This not only ensures they’re acting on the latest information, it also allows them to continue to grow and innovate in a highly competitive market space.

Because Sheetgo is fully automated, they now have a future-proofed solution that can scale while maintaining a lean budget.

Securing a $48,000 annual saving with Sheetgo

  •  $48,000 saving and no need to hire 3 more people
  • No human error due to manual entry
  • 100% up-to-date custom dashboards

BeBetting uses Sheetgo in place of an ever-expanding team of data entry clerks which allows them to scale faster.

By not having to hire, onboard and train new people in their systems, they’re able to continue to grow without any bottlenecks.

“A great way to automate processes.”

Hector Candil Garcia, CEO, BeBetting

BeBetting uses Sheetgo to keep their budget lean, their data entry team small and to eliminate costly human errors.

Their approach has already generated a $48,000 annual saving and a future-proofed data migration solution that will work at scale.

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BeBetting is a thriving startup in the gambling industry who generates a large amount of user data on a daily basis. They expanded with a vision to become one of the leaders in their industry through excellent delivery and continual innovation.

Tenerife, Spain


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