Ultimate solution to link CSV files to Google Sheets

Sheetgo enables you to transfer data from your CSV or TSV files automatically to Google Sheets with the aid of several features and controls.

Automate CSV importing

With your CSV or TSV files in Google Drive, you can schedule your import connections to execute automatically only when and you want.

If your files are not in Google Drive, you can easily synchronize your local files with Google Drive using the Google Drive for Mac/PC.

Filter for only what you need

Import only the data that you need by using the filter feature, with a simple condition or write complex conditions using query language.

Consolidate the data

Centralize data from multiple CSV or TSV files into one single sheet using the consolidate feature and create a single database for analysis and reporting.

Append the data

If your CSV or TSV files are constantly changing, create a historical record of your files data by freezing values at specified intervals and appending new records below.

More features

Smart delay

The connection waits for formulas to be executed before fetching source data to ensure the data is ready to be imported.


If something goes wrong with the connection between your CSV and the Google Sheets, users are notified by email and can see the status of all connections in one place.

Peer-to-peer connection

The data of your CSV or TSV files are transmitted directly from your file to the spreadsheet. Copies of your data are never sent to an external database.


After creating a connection, other users that have permissions to edit your Google Sheets can run and edit the connections as well.

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