Create a Historical Record by Stacking Data

A lot of software allows you to download current data. But what if you need to analyze historical data? Shirley creates her insurance reports by freezing and appending data with Sheetgo.

Create an Historic Record by Stacking Data - Grace working

Track your dynamic data

Shirley is responsible for the monthly KPI reporting of her insurance department. To complete her report she needed a way to freeze and record data from a dynamic database. With Sheetgo she was able to automate this manual process.

Sheetgo’s Append feature enables you to automatically create a historical database from a changing dataset.

Record your historical data

Shirley has a spreadsheet with dynamic data that she needs to keep a record of for insurance reporting. She is using Sheetgo to freeze the data and create a historical record.

The Append feature of Sheetgo enables you to track changing variables over time by automatically freezing and recording data from a dynamic dataset.

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