Bring all of the data you need into one sheet

Import data from multiple spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet tab. You can easily manage thousands of data points in one place. Spend your time focused value add tasks.

Consolidate all files from a folder

Select this option to conssolidate all of the files in a single folder even ones you will add in the future. You can choose to import the first tab of each file or you can choose to import a tab by name.

No limits! Consolidate as many files as you have

Sheetgo allows you consolidate as many spreadsheets as you want into one single sheet. Eliminate the headache fo managing hundreds of spreadsheets!

Don’t worry about the format of your files

If you have a collection of different spreadsheet formats like Excel, Google Sheets or even CSV, don’t worry. With Sheetgo you can consolidate data from all formats.

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