Connect Spreadsheets Automatically

Looking to connect spreadsheets? Sheetgo makes it really easy for you to import data from one spreadsheet to another!

Transfer data between your spreadsheets automatically!

Need guidance building your customized workflow?

Our experts can help you design a fully automated system to connect your team’s spreadsheets.

Connect Multiple Spreadsheet Into One

With Sheetgo you can connect spreadsheet data from several files such as Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, CSV, and TSV into one master sheet.

Import data from multiple spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet tab in a few clicks!

Overview of Connected Spreadsheets

Group your connections inside a workflow to visualize how your spreadsheets are connected.

Never lose track of data with Sheetgo’s Workflow View.

Steps on How to Connect Spreadsheets

1. Click on the button “Create workflow” > “Create blank”.

2. Create a connection with the “Connect files” button.

3. Click on “Select files” to choose the spreadsheet and tabs you need data from.

4. Choose to which spreadsheet you want to transfer the data to save the connection.

Your Spreadsheets are connected! The data has been imported – in a few clicks.

How other users feel about Sheetgo

This is a very reliable add-on. Sheetgo has incredible support. So happy to find something that finally works!

Svetha Janumpalli

Founder & CEO, New Incentives

Sheetgo is great. This product has allowed us to take business workflows and reporting to the next level.

Cullin McGrath

Process Manager, Tech Defenders

Excellent app to consolidate like-sheets. Keep your title heading simple, and the app does all the rest for you in 3-4 clicks!

Jimmy Webb

Finance Analyst, Quantum Spatial

Your spreadsheet workflows made easy.

What spreadsheets will you connect?