Sheetgo vs. ClickUp

Discover which automation tool, Sheetgo or ClickUp, is the most suitable for your needs with this side-by-side comparison chart.
Free trial
Free trial period
Free plan
Pricing structure
Data processing
Document generation
PDF generation
Email generation
Smart automation schedule
Vertical solutions
Customization projects
Video tutorials
Knowledge base
One-on-one onboarding
Live chat


14 days
Access to all advanced features
From $22/month
Advanced features available in all plans
Spreadsheet data processor

Google and Microsoft office tools
Solutions for every business process

4 min average response time


Access to limited features
From $5 per month
Limited features depending on paid plan

With over 1,000 tools
Project management only

24/7 Support documentation and chatbot

Why choose Sheetgo over ClickUp?

If you want to:
  • Create project management processes using spreadsheets
  • Create a scalable project management system that doesn’t charge per user
  • Create documents and PDFs in your workflow
  • Add forms or send emails in your project management process
  • Add another process that is not project management