Example: Sheetgo Cash Flow Template Structure

Example: Simple graphic that summarized your cash flow balance

Configuring your template

1. Install Sheetgo to be able to connect Google Sheets

2. Install the Cash flow template from the Sheetgo template gallery

3. Configure the Cash Flow Template


Featured Image created by Macrovector (freepik.com)


  1. Muhammad Tanvir

    How can I start? Pls sent me details

    • Chad Pittman

      Hi Muhammad,

      The easiest way to start is to just follow the steps in the blog.

      1 – Install Sheetgo (www.sheetgo.com)
      2 – Open a spreadsheet and install the cashflow template from the Sheetgo template gallery

  2. Fred

    I don’t understand why does this add-on require so many authorizations from my gmail account.
    I reject the installation for this reason.

  3. Daniyal

    This is super awesome! Was looking for this and spotted this, but is it paid or free to use?

  4. s b mishra

    it use full but look complicated

  5. Juan

    must do a video yesterday!

  6. Ben

    What if id like to link multiple “description”s to one supplier? Because my suppliers do more than just one service. How can I adjust the description column in Accounts Payable sheet?
    thank you,

    • Chad Pittman

      Hi Ben,

      I recommend that you create a unique supplier name for each service. For example in the supplier column you’d right ‘SupplierA-Service1’, ‘SupplierA-Service2’,…. then in the Description tab you’d put ‘Service1’, ‘Service2’, etc.

      Let me know if that works.


  7. Saeed

    In Accounts Payable Sheet : When I add any row with Input Date and Date Paid @ may/2017 it gives wrong values in Cash Flow : values like 12/20/1903, and 7/18/1900
    please help me
    If I change the month in Input Date and Date Paid from may to august for example it shows right values in Cash Flow

  8. Saeed

    Hi Mr. Chad,
    I’m waiting your kind response regarding my issue

    • Robert

      Dear Saeed,

      I just sent you an email with further information!



      • Saeed

        Hi Robert,
        I want to thank you very much for your help to solve my Issue, Really really I appreciate your help.

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