Working better with tools you already know

Sheetgo is on a mission to continuously optimizing a meaningful product that allows anyone to create workflows using technology they already know. Moreover, our diverse and curiosity-driven team strives for a supportive culture, friendly environment, and growth opportunities. Wherever you are, we’d love to connect with you and your world.

Working at Sheetgo is working somewhere where I feel respected and valued. The Sheetgo employees are a family that works towards the same goals and dreams. It´s an environment in which I continuously learn and grow.

Valentine Schelstraete






Countries with users

Where we are


The Marketing, Finance and Admin teams are operating from Southern Europe in majestic Spain.


The User Success and Tech teams keep our users smiling with Sheetgo running as smooth as cachaça.

Our values

Passionately Flexible

Be passionate about your guiding ideas without attachment. Be curious to be different and ask questions. Adaptation is an opportunity to adjust and go further.


No trying–do it or don’t do it. Be prepared, anticipate risks, and go for the big dream. If you fail, learn and share.

Impact Positively

Your actions impact others. Always strive for being positive, professional and respectful.


Help cultivate an open, multicultural and friendly environment. Respect others’ needs without forgetting your own.


Take action > experiment > generate metrics > validate > learn. Share knowledge & experience so others can profit.

Working and Thriving

We believe in a person´s uniqueness and that our values combined can bring out a potential only reachable with teamwork. Here are some cool benefits of being a Sheetgo hero.

Learn & Develop

Continuously improve the skills necessary to get the most out of Sheetgo. Learn, do, become, and share.

Sport Challenge

Who is our top athlete this month? When is our next volleyball match? It all adds up to our happiness meter!

Exchange Program

The Exchange program is the bridge that helps colleagues become friends.


New challenges from stakeholders allow us to step inside the users’ shoes and create awesome solutions.

Come and Work with us

The team collaborates across 2 time zones, building spreadsheet-based solutions to help people manage data more efficiently and faster like never before. Help us get things done and have some fun along the way. We would love to meet you!

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.

Connect spreadsheets, automate your work.

Don't hesitate to reach us anytime! [email protected]