Automatically link CSV files to Google Sheets

Now Juan can automate his job by collecting and transferring data between spreadsheets to get his commercial report done in time.

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Our experts can help you design a fully automated system to connect your team’s spreadsheets.

How often do you need to refresh your data?

With Sheetgo Juan stopped wasting time copying and pasting data. He now transfers data automatically between different spreadsheets and completes his commercial reports faster than ever.

The Automate feature of Sheetgo allows you to connect and transfer data between multiple spreadsheets, automatically, according to the schedule you set.

More features


Bring the data you need from multiple sheets into one clean master sheet.


Connect only the data that you need with filter by condition or query language.

Excel integration

Combine data from Excel files to multiple tabular formats.

CSV integration

Combine data from CSV files to multiple tabular formats.

Filter by color

Connect only the data that you need based on the colors of the rows.

Google Sheets integration

Combine data from Google Sheets files to multiple tabular formats.

What our users have to say

Jimmy Webb,
Quantum Spatial

“Sheetgo has really enabled our budgeting and forecasting to take off and be a seamless/integrated process.”

And many more…

Your spreadsheet workflows made easy.

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