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Automate your business processes

Boost your productivity

Save time and money

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Instructions on how to get started

Open Google Sheets and launch the Sheetgo add-on

  • Launch the Sheetgo add-on
  • Select the account you want to sign in with
  • Grant Sheetgo permission to access your account.

Sign-up and start creating a connection

  • A​​nswer a few questions to help Sheetgo customize your experience
  • Start creating your first connection.

Give the add-on permissions to Google Drive

  • Select the account and grant Sheetgo access to your Google Drive and to your Google Sheets.


These permissions are used exclusively for Sheetgo to operate. Sheetgo does not store, delete, or modify any of your files content. Your files will remain safe in your Google Drive.

The Sheetgo add-on is now ready to use

Now that you have signed up you can invite your team members to take your business to the next level with Sheetgo.